How do you file Form 990 with Tax990?
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Follow the steps below to file Form 990 with Tax990. 

Step 1: Add the organization details. If it already exists, select it from the Address Book.


Step 2: Choose Tax Year in the top right corner, Select the form type you want to file, and click ‘Start New Return’. 

Step 3: Tax990 offers Form-Based and Interview-Based Filing options. Choose the method you prefer to fill out the form. (Here, we've selected the Form-Based Filing Method)

Step 4: Once you complete filling out the form, click ‘Proceed to Audit & Transmit’. 

Step 5: Preview the Form details and Click ‘Continue to Audit’ to proceed. 

Step 6: If there are any errors identified, fix them by clicking the ‘Fix Error’ button or click ‘Next’ to continue without any errors. 

Step 7: You can add your contact and Fax number to receive alerts on your form status. Then, click ‘Next’ to proceed.

Step 8: Add your credit card details and proceed with the payment.

Step 9: Tax990 offers electronic and manual options to share your filed return with your organization members for review and approval. Choose the method you prefer to share the return and click ‘Next’.

Step 10: Enter any 5-digit number as your PIN as the electronic signature and click ‘Transmit to the IRS’.

Step 11: Once done, your form will be successfully transmitted to the IRS.


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