How can I invite a user to review my 990 return?
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Applicable To
990-PF 990-N 990-EZ 990 8868 1120-POL

Tax 990 allows clients to invite their organization members to review and approve tax forms before transmitting them to the IRS. In addition, Tax990 allows you to add multiple users to review/approve your form.

Below are the privileges given to Reviewer & Approver:

  • Review forms
  • Add comments
  • Electronically approve the return

Follow the below instructions to add a new user as a Reviewer or Approver:

  • Sign in to your Tax990 account.
  • From the dashboard, click on the "My Account" button.
  • Click on the "Manage Reviewers and Approvers" section of the settings listed.

  • Select the Organization Name and Tax Year from the drop-down. Then, click the Add User button beside the form that has to be reviewed and approved.

  • Enter the information of the reviewer/approver. Then, click the Share Return button to invite the organization member.

  • An organization member will receive an email notification to sign into the Reviewers & Approvers portal.
  • After signing in, the user can review the return, add comments, and approve it with a digital signature. 

Watch the video below and learn how to invite users to review your organization's return in Tax990.

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