What should be entered as Program Service Accomplishment in Form 990-EZ?
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The program service accomplishment in Form 990-EZ requires the organization to explain the charitable programs held by the organization. In addition, the organization has to describe the three largest programs held in terms of expenses during the tax year.

Other important programs can also be mentioned as 'Other Program Services,' which should be explained in Schedule O, Supplemental Information attached with the Form-990-EZ.

Reporting Program Service Accomplishment with Tax 990's Interview-based Filing Style

  1. Log into your Tax 990 Account.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the "Start Return" button.
  3. Select the "Form 990-EZ" option on the list of Federal returns.
  4. Enter your organization details and click "Next."
  5. On the "Organization Tax Year" page, select the year you want to file the information return. Once done, the subsequent steps will be to fill the actual parts of the form. 
  6. Under the More information about your Organization section, select "Start" for Statement of Program Service Accomplishments.
  7. On the Program Service Accomplishment page, enter your organization's primary exempt purpose and click Next. Then, on the directed page, provide the following information on the three largest program services conducted by your organization.
    1. The organization's program service accomplishment
    2. Expenses paid toward this accomplishment
    3. Grants paid out
  8. If there were Other Program Services, report those services too on this page.
  9. Now, click Next and follow the subsequent steps as prompted.
  10. Review the details, Pay, and click the Transmit button to transmit your return to the IRS.

Reporting Program Service Accomplishment with Tax 990's Form-based Filing Style

To report Program Service Accomplishment using our form-based filing, please go to Part III, Statement of Program Service Accomplishments. In this part, enter the three largest program services conducted by your organization on lines 28, 29, and 30, respectively.

To add Other program services, click on the icon on line 31. A popup appears and prompts you to enter the Other program service; add the required information and click on the Save button.

To know how to report program service accomplishments in Form 990, click here.

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