Why did ExpressTaxExempt change to Tax990, and what are the things to be remembered?
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After 7 years of serving our clients, ExpressTaxExempt has changed to Tax990 to improve our brand recognition among our clients. We will continue to offer the same great features and an easy filing experience as always.

Things to remember when you sign in to your Tax990 account: 

  • You do not need to re-register with Tax990.  You can log into your Tax990 account using the same login credentials you used for your ExpressTaxExempt account.
  • The way you use our software will remain the same. Only our name has changed. 
    • All details from ExpressTaxExempt will stay the same in Tax990. This includes payments you made, incomplete returns, and prepaid credits you purchased.
    • You can still access all of your previous filings within your Tax990 account.
    • All of our great features will be the same, including copy & return data, re-transmission of rejected returns, IRS Status updates, and amended forms.
  • You will not have any issues in the future if you have a payment receipt authorized by ExpressTaxExempt. We changed our name to make our brand easily recognizable by clients. 
  • Your members can use the same URL to review and approve your forms. When they click on the link, they will be automatically redirected to Tax 990.


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