How do I report direct charitable activities in Form 990-PF?
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The direct charitable activity of a private foundation is considered a charitable activity in which the foundation involves itself directly instead of distributing its funds to other charitable organizations. The foundation is supposed to report the four largest direct charitable activities in terms of the direct and indirect expenses made during the tax year in Form 990-PF
The direct charitable activities should be reported in a detailed manner, along with the type of activities and the expenses incurred due to the activities. Any program-related investments must not be listed as charitable activities.
Here's how you can list the direct charitable activities of your foundation in Form 990-PF using Tax990:

  1. Log into your Tax990 account.
  2. On the dashboard, click on the "Start New Return" button.
  3. Select the "Tax Year" and "Form 990-PF" options on the list of Federal returns.
  4. Enter your organization details and click "Next."
  5. On the "Organization Tax Year" page, select the tax year calendar or fiscal for which you want to file the information return. Once done, the subsequent steps will be to fill the actual parts of the form. 
  6. Under "Charitable Activities & Program-Related Investments ", select "Direct Charitable Activity".
  7. Select "Yes" if your foundation has performed any direct charitable activity.
  8. Enter the name and a detailed description of the activity along with the expenses incurred after clicking "Add Direct Charitable Activities."
  9. Click "Add Another" to add details about other direct charitable activities.
  10. Click Next and follow the subsequent steps as prompted.
  11. Review the details, Pay, and click the Transmit button to transmit your return to the IRS.

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