Should IRS Form 990 filings be made public by Exempt Organizations?
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The IRS requires every exempt organization to make its Form 990 filings available for public inspection and copying. The annual return copy of Form 990 must include all the information furnished to the IRS, including all the statements, attachments, and supporting documents.
Purpose of making the Form 990 public
The information in the form is useful for the public and any individual who researches an organization to know about its mission, program accomplishments, and finances.
It also provides an option for people and other donors interested in supporting a particular organization by evaluating them based on its accomplishments done by the organization.
Where to view an Organization's 990 Form
You can search for a nonprofit organization's Form 990 with the IRS. However, many nonprofit organizations make their information return public either through a website post, formal notice, or upon request. You can also view them at Guidestar, which provides information about nonprofits.
We integrate your 990's with Guidestar
With our partnership with Guidestar, the world's largest source of nonprofit organization information, you can make your organization's information return available to the public quicker and easier.
Since Form 990 provides valuable information for donors and the public, every nonprofit organization should ensure that the information return is filled correctly and filed on time.

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