How can I buy prepaid credits for my account?
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To buy prepaid credits, you must create your account as a Tax Professional (Paid Preparer). The option to purchase prepaid credits is only available for the Tax Professional account.

Here’s how to buy prepaid credits

  • While creating a new account with Tax990, enter the details requested, check the “I am a Tax Professional (Paid Preparer)” checkbox, and click the Create Account button.
  • After successful account creation, you will land on the Tax Professional Details page. Here, select whether you own a tax firm, or employed by one, or work as an independent tax preparer.
  • Provide the required information and click Create.
  • On the Prepaid Credits page, enter the number of prepaid credits you would like to purchase for each return and click “Continue” to make a payment.

If you like to buy the prepaid credits later, click on the Skip For Now button. You can also buy them by selecting the Buy Credits tab at the top of your dashboard.

By buying prepaid credits, you won’t have to pay each time you need to file a bulk amount of specific tax forms.

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