How to fix the audit errors in my Form 8868?
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Follow the explanations shared below for each error code that notifies you to fix while filing Form 8868.

Error Code            Error Message                                                          
CUSTOM-01 Extension 8868 cannot be filed for Form 990-BL (Information and Initial Excise Tax Return for Black Lung Benefit Trusts and Certain Related Persons) for the Tax Year
CUSTOM-03 Plan Name is required since Form 5330 is chosen for an extension.
CUSTOM-04 Plan Number is required since Form 5330 is chosen for an extension.
CUSTOM-05 Plan Year Ending is required since Form 5330 is chosen for an extension.
CUSTOM-06 Code section is required since Form 5330 is chosen for an extension.
CUSTOM-07 Payment amount is required for Form 5330 extension.
CUSTOM-08 Reversion/Amendment date on Part III Line 1 c is required since you have chosen Form 5330 for excise taxes under section 4980 or 4980F.
CUSTOM-09 Form 5330 extension reason code is required.
CUSTOM-10 Form 5330 extension reason explanation is required.
CUSTOM-11 Signature name is mandatory. 
CUSTOM-12 Signing authority details must be completed.
CUSTOM-13 If Part of the group is checked, then Affiliate listing statement must be completed in the return.
CUSTOM-14 If Part of the group or Whole group is checked, then Group Exemption Number must have a value.
CUSTOM-15 If Part of the group or Whole group is checked, then Form type must be Form 990/990-EZ.
CUSTOM-16 If Form 990-PF, 990-T, 4720 or 6069 is selected, the Part II Line 3a and 3b must be completed in the return.
CUSTOM-17 If Form 1041-A or 5227, then the organization tax period must be a calendar tax year.
CUSTOM-02 The IRS will support only current year for the Form 8868.
CUSTOM-35 You have already filed your federal return. Please double confirm before you proceed to file your extension.
FA-021 Please enter a valid zip code
FA-017 Please enter a valid EIN.
FA-001 Please enter the organization name.
FA-018 Please select the State.
FA-019 Please select the Country.
FA-020 Please enter a valid Phone Number.
FA-022 If you choose Calendar Tax year, then it cannot be short tax year.
FA-023 Please update the organization Tax Year information.
FA-024 Please select a Form for extension in the return code section.
BIZ-007 You have selected extension for the Form {0}. But IRS does not support e-file for this Form Type, but you can always paper file this return.
FA-025 Please Enter the RTN.
FA-026 Please Enter the Payment Date.
FA-027 Please Enter the Taxpayer Signature PIN.
FA-029 Extension can be filed on or before the original deadline. The return might be get rejected, if you file after the original deadline.
FA-030 Due date should be less than today's date
FA-031 Our records indicate you have already filed an extension for this tax year. The IRS does not allow multiple extensions per tax year.
FA-033 Please enter a valid zip code in the "Books are in the Care Of" portion of the form
FA-235 Books Are In Care Of details needs to be completed.
FA-280 Tax period end date is greater than the current date. The IRS will process the return once the tax period ends.


































After resolving all the errors and cautions based on the error messages, you can continue to transmit the return to the IRS.

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