What information can I copy from the previous year's 990 return?
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If you have a previously filed Form 990 with Tax990, you can copy certain information from that return to your current year's return. This includes the following:


Item A - Tax Period.
Item H(c) - Group Exemption Number.
Item I - Tax-Exempt Status.
Item J - Website.
Item K - Form of Organization.
Item L - Year of Formation.
Item M - State of legal domicile.

Part I: Summary:

Part I Col A, Line 8-19 - Prior year revenue and expenses.
Part I Col A, Line 22 - Net assets or fund balances.
Part II: Signature Block.

Signature Name and Title.

Part VI: Governance, Management, and Disclosure:

Line 17 - List the states with which a copy of this Form 990 is required to be filed.
Line 20 - State the name, address, and telephone number of the person who possesses the organization’s books and records.

Part X: Balance Sheet:

Line 1-15 Col A - Assets.
Line 17-25 Col A - Liabilities.
Line 27, 28 Col A - Net assets with/without donor restrictions.
Line 29-31 Col A - Fund Balances.

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