What information must be provided in the Schedule O while filing IRS Form 990-EZ?
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990-PF 990-N 990-EZ 990 8868 1120-POL

The Schedule O in Form 990-EZ is generally used to provide the IRS with a lot of narrative information regarding the details of the form. This includes:

  1. Descriptive information about the other revenue produced by the organization.
  2. List of grants and the other similar amounts paid.
  3. Descriptive information about the other expenses incurred by the organization.
  4. Description of the changes in net assets or fund balances.
  5. Descriptive information about the assets of the organization.
  6. Description of the total liabilities of the organization.
  7. Description of the program services conducted by the organization in previous years but hasn't been reported to the IRS.
  8. Description of every important activity held by the organization that has not been reported to the IRS before.
  9. Every change made in the amended Form 990-EZ.
  10. Reason for not reporting any unrelated business whose gross income is $1000 or more to the IRS through Form 990-T.
  11. Reason for not filing Form 720 to report payments regarding indoor tanning services during the year. 

The Schedule O will be generated automatically if required while filing your Form 990-EZ using the "Interview-Based" filing in Tax990. The Schedule O will be made available to you depending upon the information you enter in your Form 990-EZ using the "Form-Based" filing in Tax990.

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