Can I retransmit my rejected 1120-POL Form with Tax990?
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Yes. If your return has been rejected, Tax990 makes it easy to make corrections and retransmit your return. And if you e-filed your original return with us, you can submit your retransmitted form absolutely free! 
Here is how you retransmit the rejected return: 

  1. Log into your Tax990 account.
  2. On the dashboard, click the 'Rejected by the IRS' button found against the rejected return to identify the errors.
  3. Click the 'Fix Me' button found against each error to correct the same.
  4. Review the form once and re-transmit the extension.

Once done, we will notify you of its status once we hear back from the IRS. You can also find the status of your return on the dashboard.

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