How do I amend Form 990-T using form-based filing?
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Form 990 Form 990-EZ Form 990-PF Form 990-N Form 8868 Form 990-T

In Tax 990, you can amend Form 990-T return through simple and easy steps. 
Below mentioned are the steps to amend your 990-T return through form-based filing:

  1. Log in to your Tax 990 account.
  2. Enter your EIN and search for your organization’s details.
  3. Select the tax year you want to file an amended return and start the form using our direct form-based entry.
  4. Check Box F, “Check box if an amended return.” Provide a reason in Part V, Supplemental Information, why you want to amend this return.
  5. Complete the entire form by filling out all the information in the return, not just the information you need to amend / update.
  6. Review the details, pay, and click the Transmit to the IRS button to transmit your return to the IRS.

You could amend your 990 series forms with us even if you filed your original returns with another provider.

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