Can I amend a Form 990-T return filed with a different service provider?
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Applicable To
Form 990 Form 990-EZ Form 990-PF Form 990-N Form 8868 Form 990-T

Yes. Tax 990 allows you to amend your Form 990-T return, even if the original return was filed with a different service provider.

While filing your 990-T return, please check Box F, “Check box if an amended return.” at the top right corner of the return to indicate you’re filing an amended return. Also, include a statement in Part V, Supplemental Information, explaining which lines you made changes to and the reason for each change. 

When amending your 990-T return, fill out your form completely and not just provide the new or corrected information. This will help you avoid unnecessary rejections from the IRS once you transmit your amended return.

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