[E-file Error Code F990-145-01] How do I resolve it?
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IRS Error Code F990-145-01

If Form 990, Part IV, Line 29, checkbox "Yes" is checked, or Line 30, checkbox "Yes" is checked, then Schedule M must be present in the return.

What does it mean:

The organization must have either checked "Yes" in Part IV, Line 29 or Line 30, Form 990 and has not attached Schedule M in the return. In this case, the IRS would have rejected the return.


Your organization must complete and attach Schedule M, Noncash Contributions, in its 990 return.

Here's how to report noncash contributions

  1. Log in to your Tax990 account.
  2. Identify the rejected return either from the Dashboard or Forms History.
  3. To identify it from the Dashboard, keep a note of the Return ID of the rejected return that you find in the rejection email. 
  4. To identify it from the Forms History page, click the Tax Returns on the menu, and you'll land in the Forms History page, where you'll find the rejected return listed. 
  5. In both options, you need to click on the Rejected by the IRS button found against the rejected return to find the list of errors. Then, click the Fix Me button against the error code F990-145-01.
  6. Based on the filing type you have chosen, you will be navigated to the corresponding page.
    1. Interview-based filing -  You'll be directed to Contributions, Gifts, Grants, and similar amounts received by your organization page, where you must provide information regarding the noncash contributions.
    2. Form-based filing - You'll be directed to Schedule M, Noncash Contributions, where you must provide information regarding the noncash contributions.
  7. Review the details, and click the Transmit button to re-transmit your return to the IRS at no additional cost.

We'll keep you informed on the status of the return once we hear back from the IRS.

For any further assistance, we recommend contacting the IRS e-Help Desk Toll-Free Number 1-866-255-0654.

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