[E-file Error Code F8868-053] How do I resolve it?
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Applicable To
990-PF 990-N 990-EZ 990 8868 1120-POL

IRS Error Code [F8868-053]:

Form 8868, Application for extension must be received on or before the due date of the return to which the extension is requested.

Rejection Message:

Form 8868, the application for getting an extension for Form 990 series can only be filed after the business's tax period ends but on or before the due date of the return to which the extension applies.

What does it mean:

For instance, for a business following a fiscal tax year from July 1 through June 31, the due date to file an extension is mid-November. Hence, the extension has to be filed after June 31 or anytime on or before November 15. Instead, if the extension is filed before June 31 or after November 15, the IRS will reject the request for an extension.


In case you filed your extension too early or exactly on the date when your tax period ended, log in to your account once the tax period ends, and re-transmit the extension with the same details. We don't charge any additional cost to re-transmit your return.

For any further assistance, we recommend contacting the IRS e-Help Desk Toll-Free Number 1-866-255-0654.

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